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    Career Counseling at GIS

    Gillco empowers students with career guidance, shaping future-ready and ambitious citizens. Focused on all-round excellence, the school’s dedicated career counseling, led by renowned professionals, offers ongoing support for future leaders.

    Student Empowerment Program

    GIS helps students navigate the journey of choosing a career and laying solid foundations for their future. We offer comprehensive support, including assessment tools, application deadlines and requirements, scholarships and funding options, collaborations with colleges and empowering students to make informed decisions about their future.

    Key Initiatives

    Individualized Guidance

    Psychometric Assessments

    Knowledge Expansion

    International Exposure

    Motivational Sessions


    Universities from Canada

    Universities from Australia

    Universities from United Stated

    Universities from India

    University from Switzerland

    Events held for fostering Career Growth and Exploration
    24 May 2023

    Mega Career Fair

    Mr. Tarun Gupta, a global career counsellor at PEC Chandigarh, offering psychometric assessments and counselling sessions for 11th and 12th graders at GIS, guiding students towards successful career paths.

    5 Nov 2022

    Dr.Upsana Session

    GIS engages students through interactive and inspiring sessions. Dr. Upasana Mahanta, a professor at O.P. Jindal Global University, makes students aware about the aspects of leadership and personality development, thereby fostering emotional intelligence.

    24 Feb 2023

    Thapar University visit

    Giving wings to students dreams! A visit to Thapar University where students immersed themselves in experiential learning; explored their impressive library and engaged with esteemed mechanical and chemical faculty members.

    27 Aug 2022

    Dr.Padmakumar Nair visit

    GIS organised a workshop led by Dr. Padmakumar Nair, Director, LM Thapar School of Management. Aiming to broaden students’ perspectives, he encouraged them as well as teachers to nurture intellectual and future growth.

    18 Apr 2023

    Vivanta Visit

    At Vivanta, MUN ignites students minds, fostering research, public speaking, debate and writing. Beyond academics, Gillconians thrive in such vibrant spaces, as we constantly create fresh forums for them to strive for knowledge and explore new horizons.

    4 Feb 2023

    Punjab Engineering College Visit

    As many as 59 Gillco students, under the guidance of Tarun Gupta and other teachers, explored Punjab Engineering College’s cutting-edge facilities, gaining insights into how emerging technologies impact lives.

    28 Jul 2022

    Workshop on AI by Mr.Atul Misra

    By organizing a workshop on artificial intelligence and machine learning, GIS provides modern education to students. Mr. Atul Mishra, an expert from BML Munjal University, teaching students about the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

    21 May 2022

    Mr.Prikshit Dhanda visit

    At GIS, renowned speaker Mr. Prikshit Dhanda delivers an informative talk on strategic career planning guidance. His knowledge-packed speech encourages students as they gain knowledge on ways to secure their future pathways.

    Collaborations and Associations

    Gillco International School (GIS) emphasizes project-based and experiential learning that fosters 21st-century skills like critical thinking and design thinking. To achieve this, we actively collaborate with educational institutions and universities through Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and Letters of Association.

    Fostering collaborative learning through diverse partnerships

    • University collaborations: MOUs with King’s University College (Ontario), Chandigarh University, CGC Landran, Amity University etc., providing benefits like test exemptions, scholarships, and internship opportunities.
    • Special programs: First-of-its-kind Letter of Association with IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials for certificate programs across grades.
    • External competitions: Essay competition on women’s empowerment by Harvard Women Alumni Association and STEM Boxes competition by Australian National University.
    • Virtual internships: Providing students with virtual internship opportunities at prestigious universities.
    • Research opportunities: Supporting student research through programs like Summer Patent School at Shoolini University.
    • Skill development: Workshops like Droning at Kalpana Chawla Center and campus visits to universities for practical learning and career exploration.
    Awards and Accolades

    No. 1 in Punjab, 10th overall in India in Career Counseling Leaders Category 2021

    Career Changemaker Award for 2022 at Career Summit