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Gillco International School prides itself in ranking high in the list of CBSE schools in Kharar, Mohali, all because of its well-structured curriculum. Our curriculum has been developed keeping in view the present day demands to open the minds of learners & break the barriers that confine learning.

Gillco’s curriculum lays a strong emphasis on lighting an eternal fire of curiosity and learning. We achieve this by imparting skill-based knowledge & applied learning with conceptual clarity. Along with academics, co-curricular activities, sports & games, community work & character building are given equal importance.

Pre-School and Pre-Primary school

Curriculum Priorities: According to international guidelines, language development programs take top priority in the first 2 years of our Kindergarten program. This results in better academic outcomes for students in their later years. Initially, English is introduced which helps in developing skills needed for various sciences. Further, a child’s listening and speaking skills are enhanced by School Cinema activities such as Films and Smart Boards.

Thereafter, reading skill is introduced with the help of print as well as digital media to develop child’s phonetics skills. We begin with lower case print letters so that reading and writing skills can complement each other. The second language, Hindi, is introduced in UKG, and the third language in class IV.

Junior School

A spirit of enquiry goes hand-in-hand with sound acquisition of language and numeracy skills. We aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum. The subject areas are English, Hindi, Punjabi, Mathematics, Science, Environmental Studies, Music, Art, Dance, Theatre, Technology, Physical Education, Value Education and Life Skills Education.

GIS is one of the top international schools in Mohali wherein efforts are made to integrate the teaching of various subjects for stimulating the students’ aptitudes for reasoning, exploration, correlation, and self-discovery. The assessment of student work is comprehensive and continuous. Students are encouraged to reflect on their work and make efforts for continuous improvement.

Middle School

The Middle School years are a time of significant intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. Students have to keep pace with the accelerated academic challenges and the connected pre-teen and teenage issues. Besides helping to equip them with studies, organizational skills, and confidence-gaining techniques, they are also given life skills training. The focus is to enable students to recognize their strengths as well as master their areas of interest. Exploiting the infrastructural advantages such as libraries, multimedia halls, and labs also play a huge role in this stage of development.

The assessment is continuous and comprehensive, strictly within the parameters suggested by C.B.S.E.

Senior Secondary: Class IX & X

The Secondary Curriculum (Class IX and X) is based on a learner-centric approach where students acquire various skills, build concepts, aesthetic sensibilities and sportsmanship.

The Secondary School Curriculum (Class IX and X) is an integrated course offered by CBSE. It envisions the all-round development of students that aligns with the holistic approach to education. It acknowledges both Scholastics (Languages, Mathematics, Science, Social science and ICT) and Co scholastic (games and sport, art and music, craftwork) which help in the development of cognitive and creative thinking in the child.

Class XI & XII

The Senior Secondary Curriculum (Class XI and XII) envisages individualized personal learning acumen and seeks to explore the potential of students in acquiring substantial acknowledge and skills through academic rigors. With great academic orientation and thorough research skills in core educational areas, we help students evolve as discerning young adults having true values and principles.

The Senior Secondary Curriculum (Class XI and XII) is an integrated course offered by CBSE in the major learning areas which are Languages, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Commerce, Skill Subjects, General Studies, and Health & Physical Education.