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A school’s architecture plays a role that goes beyond achieving basic operational necessities. It aids students in their wholesome growth. This is what the campus of Gillco International is recognized for in Mohali.

The school premises has been divided into zones containing buildings for primary, senior and administration blocks. The primary wing is constructed in the shape of a semi-circle with a UFO-shaped multi-functional space in the centre to captivate young minds. The other blocks are in a straight line and much simpler. To inculcate a spirit of team-work and encourage independence amongst the students, the senior blocks have been designed with several common spaces for extra-curricular activities. These spaces spiral out into larger state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor social spaces with abundant outdoor seating, an amphitheatre, outdoor games, outdoor classrooms, and shaded areas.Being one of the only amphitheatre schools in Mohali, our cultural centre has a sports area, on the ground floor, multi-purpose hall on the intermediate floor, and an auditorium for performing arts.

When it comes to the administration block, it is a formal zone comprising quieter academic areas. As safety is one of our top concerns, circulation routes have also been assigned to avoid congestion both at vehicular exit and exit for students coming on foot.

GIS, the best CBSE school in Punjab, has been planned to be the ultimate confluence of the most forward-thinking ideas in education and modern architecture.


Curating a healthy environment for a student is important as the surroundings he/she studies in affects them at a conscious and subconscious level. At GISalso, the best play way school in Chandigarh, we put efforts towards facilitating a holistic upbringing by equipping our school with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Sprawling over an area of 6 acres, our world-class campus in Mohali has buildings that are centrally air-conditioned so that your child stays comfortable and can focus on studies and skill-building activities. The best feature of GIS has got to be its multi-purpose hall which witnesses cultural programs, school events, competitions, and all games & fun!

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Keeping this in mind, we have created an amazing gymnasium which consists of a basketball court, tennis court, a vast outdoor playground and a football field. Further, we have an infirmary with nurse available during school hours. There is also a spacious library containing gems of literature from all around the world.Because of all such infrastructural facilities, GIS has always ranked among the best schools in Kharar.