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Guidelines for Parents

Guidelines for Parents

Discipline is what has made us one of the best CBSE schools in Kharar. Therefore, parents are requested to extend their fullest cooperation in observing the following school rules:

  • The diary should be carried by the student every day to school.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their wards carry their tiffins with them when they leave for school in the morning. Due to security reasons, tiffins sent through servants or friends may not be accepted.
  • No pupil shall be absent from the class without obtaining prior permission from the class teacher. If permission can’t be sought on grounds of ill-health or unforeseen circumstances, an application of leave should be sent to the class teacher not later than the following day.
  • Parents are requested to go through the diary of their wards regularly and note the remarks, if any, made by the teacher or principal.
  • Parents are requested to be punctual in ferrying the child to and from the school. Only parents and guardians whose identity is registered with the school in the form of signed photographs on the admission form and on the “SIGNATURE AND PHOTOGRAPH OF THE PARENTS” page in the dairy will be allowed to pick up the child.
  • In case of an emergency, if a new person comes to pick the child, an authority letter duly signed by the parent authorizing the bearer of the letter to collect their ward should be submitted at the reception.
  • Messages for teachers or students may be given to the School Office/Front Office Executive who will be glad to pass them on. Only in an emergency will a teacher or student be called to the telephone during school hours.
  • Parents and guardians are not permitted to walk into classrooms or meet the teachers during class hours. It is mandatory to check in at the reception.
  • Whenever school authorities invite parents for meetings, e.g. class counselling meetings, please ensure that you attend the meetings regularly and on time, in the interest of your ward.
  • Parents are requested to notify the school immediately if there is any change in their address, telephone number, or emergency contact person.
  • In case of an infectious disease, parents should report the fact to the principal at once and should not send the student to class until the risk of infection has passed. Parents are requested to inform the school if the child is allergic to any medication.
  • Students who have any infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the school until they bring a doctor’s certificate stating that the period of quarantine is over.
  • Parents are requested not to disturb classroom teaching. In case of any special need, they should take prior appointment from the school.
  • No friends or acquaintances may be directed on behalf of the parents to visit their ward during school hours. This will not be permitted.


Due to the rapid increase in the Covid 19 cases in our district (SAS Nagar), we have taken the decision to minimize the physical footfall in the school w.e.f. 28 April 2021 till further notice:

In view of the above, please take note of the following:

1. Visitors (For new admissions, for fee payment or any other official work) will be admitted with prior appointment only.

2. Appointment will be fixed via phone/email at the following number/email IDs:
• Ms. Neeraj Kumari : 8283900097 (Front Desk)
• Mr. Ravi Kumar : 8437014897 (Accounts Office)
• Ms. Harwinder Kaur : 8283815997(School Office)
Email ID: 

3. Parents are encouraged to pay the fees in the online mode. In case of queries, please contact Mr.Ravi.

4. For queries related to academics, etc, please contact the Class Teachers/Subject Teachers of the respective classes.

Academic Co-Ordinator : 8847092527

Please stay home, stay safe.

Warm Regards,
Team GIS