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    11 - Nov - 2021 By Gillco International School

    Time to talk-Time to take control-a Nukkad Natak

    The socially conscientious students of GIS, in an effort to create awareness about the increasing mental health issues among the youth, particularly witnessed during the pandemic, presented an evocative Nukkad Natak-‘Time to Talk, Time to Take Control’ in a few neighbouring schools of the Mohali district. Through the Nukkad Natak, they raised the issues of domestic violence, gender discrimination, bullying and poverty, and how these may lead to stress, anxiety, loneliness, and even depression. Senior Management Member, Ms. Jai Gill, the Director, GIS, Ms. Renu Shorey and the Principal, GIS,Ms. Inderpreet Kaur accompanied the students. Ms. Jai Gill addressed the gathering and shared strategies like controlling negative thoughts, engaging in a hobby exercise, making changes in the lifestyle and seeking professional help, to tackle mental health issues. The Director, Ms. Renu Shorey added that keeping the students away from their peers, cutting down on physical activity and making them miss key aspects of their growing up, have impacted the mental health of students due to COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. The Principal, Mrs. Inderpreet Kaur encouraged the students to think of new ideas which can help make a change in the present scenario and promote awareness and sensitivity toward the important issue of mental health.