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    22 - Apr - 2024 By Gillco International School

    Career Fair for the students of classes IX – X

    Education is essential for the enlightenment of an individual. The path a child chooses at the juncture of educational journey, shapes the future. It has been often felt that enough information and orientation is not equally available to all at all times, particularly with regard to the endless education and career opportunities that are available world over. Towards an endeavour to provide the students with meaningful experiences to enhance their college and career readiness, a Career Fair was organised at Gillco International School, on Monday, 22 April 2024 for the students of classes IX – X. The participating universities in this University Fair were Mercy University, Webster University, Middle Georgia, San Jose State, Lowa State, University of Tulsa and many more.It was a golden opportunity for all the students to engage in erudite interactions with representatives of different universities.